Norm the Narwhal's Quest for Treasure

This children’s book is part of a Broader Impacts aim from NSF grant numbers 1854336 (Brittany T. Fasy, Montana State) and 2038556 (Jessi Kehe, UW-Madison) with the goal of introducing the notion of a topological hole to young children to inspire interest in STEM-related fields. We were fortunate to work with Montana State undergraduate student and artist Emma Bergman, who led the creative aspects of this book.  The story follows Norm the Narwhal as he searches for treasure that he can thread on his tusk. The young readers can help Norm determine which objects he can choose. Norm’s friends are not impressed with his finds, until they learn what he has been creating.

A free e-Book is available by clicking the book image. 
A printed version can be purchased through Kindle Direct Publishing at https://a.co/d/7gLNc3Q.  Note that the cost of the printed version covers printing and publisher fees.  The author/illustrator and contributors do not receive royalties. 


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